Metering and Billing System for Flagship District Heating scheme in East London

Sorted-IT was engaged to implement a residential billing system for a large, flagship District Heating scheme in East London. The job involved;

  • Implementing Junifer Systems (now Gentrak) billing softwareJunifer software for district heating billing system
  • Setting up banking and direct debit systems
  • Integrating with the automatic meter reading system
  • Setting up customer support office
  • Drafting policies and procedures

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Pre-payment system

A local council wanted to use a pre-payment system to collect revenue from a mix of private and council tenants. Sorted-IT worked with the council to;

  • negotiate pricing with prepayment provider
  • draft policies on debt collection, service levels, complaints and pricing
  • draft resident welcome packs and other communications
  • develop of heat supply agreement with the council legal team

Large public sector District Energy scheme

A London borough is developing a large District Energy scheme including heat and private wire electricity supply to a mixed residential development.

We were brought in to the team to help with;

  • Creation of customer facing documentation and website text
  • Drafting of all customer policies e.g. debt collection, pricing, standards of service and complaints.
  • Tariff setting
  • Billing system implementation
  • Customer support team training and call flows
  • Post occupation meter checks