District Heating Metering & Billing Consultancy

District Heating, District Energy or Communal Heating offers a low-carbon and cost-effective way of delivering heat and electricity to residential and commercial premises. It is rapidly growing in the UK due to decarbonisation and planning pressures.

However, the sector has a bad reputation because of high bills, poor service and poor energy supply.

  • Some operators, if they are honest, do not understand what they are building and how to ensure that the scheme is operating correctly.
  • Customer service and billing is often left to the last minute as, for some reason, no one remembers who is paying the bills!
  • Allied to this is the building developers and builders to the many of whom do not want to install district heating and also do not understand the requirements and impact on a building scheme.
  • Poor design is often to blame too for poor system performance and higher than expected operating costs.
  • Lastly, many installers do not take the care to install and configure the network and the in-dwelling systems correctly – “so long as it gets hot then its OK” – unfortunately not.

It does NOT need to be like this

All the above problems can be avoided and district energy schemes can deliver on their promises of low carbon energy and fair costs.

MABAS provides consultancy in the areas of;

  • Metering – systems, meters, meter reading
  • Billing – tariffs, bill generation, revenue collection
  • Customer Documentation – supply agreements, standards of service, customer communications
  • Meter read analysis – it s possible to tell if the system is working from analysis of the meter data
  • Secondary loss calculations – is the heat network operating efficiently?
  • Technical Specifications – start at the beginning and design/specify correctly
  • Options Analysis – don’t know what your options are?
  • Tender responses – ensuring your tender responses tick all the boxes

Please see our Experience pages to see how this has been put into practice.

Over the years we have also built up a network of highly skilled and experienced colleagues who can further extend these services to include;

  • Business development
  • Business planning and strategic thinking
  • Financial modelling
  • Deeply technical design, analysis and advice
  • Legal

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